Animated Feature Film



Nikolaus von Himsel is a submissive youth who travels across Europe accompanied by his private tutor and assembles a collection for his cabinet of curiosities. All that remains is to return home and reap the recognition of high society, earned by the prestige of the journey. It seems that everything is going to plan. Yet just before turning towards home, the young man gets wind of the opportunity to climb Vesuvius – a flaming volcano whose summit so many of his peers dream of reaching. Himsel can no longer find peace. He rebels against the life set out for him in order to go face to face with the difficulties that must be overcome when striving for one’s dream. During his journey, Himsel discovers the diversity that exists in society, meets amazing people and finds his true interests.


Running time: 72 min
Audience: 6+
Genre: Feature animated film
Type: coming of age with elements of adventure
Animation: 2 D cut-out
Language: Latvian
Producer: Sniedze Kāle
Written and Directed by Kārlis Vītols
Art director: Kārlis Vītols
Character design: Baiba Baiba
Animation director: Inga Prauliņa
Financing partners: National Film Center of Latvia; State Culture Capital Foundation.
Status: production
Completed film: late 2025/ early 2026