* The traditional instrument of the Baltic peoples, the kokle, is a divine tool for producing sounds, which is played in solitude to establish a connection with the universe and uplift the soul.

Our WorkS


Animated Feature Film - The Northern Star

An aspiring nobleman’s journey through Italy becomes transformative when he rebels against tradition to pursue his true passions, encountering diverse cultures and remarkable individuals along the way.


Animated short THE NATURE OF TIDE

A young woman spends the evening at the bar chatting with a charismatic guy. The conversation reveals the woman’s unconscious disappointment towards her father, which merges the present moment with memories, distorting the image of herself and the person in front of her. Will she distinguish the past from the present and see the young man clearly?


Animated film - THE END

An imaginative tale about a man’s mid-life crisis. Imprisoned in memories, the man of a certain age struggles to come to terms with the sense of physical and spiritual ending.


The Journey to America is an experimental short film about an ambitious writer’s longing to go to America and become famous.

What we do

At our animation film studio, we don’t just create films – we craft experiences that inspire and delight audiences of all ages. With traditional 2D technology and a passion for storytelling, our team brings characters to life in ways you never thought possible. Trust us to make your imagination a reality on the big screen.

Script writing

This is the art of bringing stories to life. It is where imagination meets reality, and words have the power to create worlds. Whether for feature or short films, a great script grabs the audience’s attention and transports them to another place and time.


Character visualization

It is where ideas become flesh and blood, and personalities take shape. With careful attention to detail and a keen eye for nuance, a great character designer can create people who are as real as those we know in the world around us. From the tiniest quirks to the most profound emotions, character visualization captures the essence of what makes us human.

Animation creation

It is where imagination meets technology, and art comes to life. With skilled craftsmanship and boundless creativity, animators create worlds that are as fantastic as they are captivating. Every movement and expression is carefully crafted to tell stories that inspire and amaze. And with every frame, animation creation brings magic to the screen, transporting audiences to new heights of wonder.


The animated film studio Studija Kokles* was established in 2019 with the aim of creating films that inspire their creators and viewers to rise above the everyday and discover the world’s diversity and cultural-historical heritage.

The studio has produced two short films by artist-director Kārlis Vītols (both as part of his personal exhibitions): the animated short The End (2019) and the short film The Journey to America (2020).

The studio is currently working on the production of Kārlis Vītols’ debut animated feature film, The Northern Star, and the development of artist-director Ella Mežule’s debut animated short, The Nature of Tide.

The studio also gladly undertakes various projects requiring animation skills.

We would be happy to work with you!

Sniedze Kāle

Sniedze Kāle, head of the studio and chief producer, also an art historian and the curator of more than twenty exhibitions, has set herself the mission of giving a platform to artistic talent and enriching the content available to viewers.

Kārlis Vītols

Kārlis Vītols, director, scriptwriter and animator, has created thirteen short films which have received awards in Latvia and abroad and have been shown in several prestigious festivals (including Annecy, Oberhausen, Clermont-Ferrand, Zagreb). Kārlis has also held thirteen personal exhibitions and is occasionally active in the art scene. Kārlis is interested in the mythologies of various nations and transcendental themes such as procreation, death, religion and philosophy.

Inga Prauliņa

Inga Prauliņa oversees the animation of The Northern Star and shares her rich experience in troubleshooting complex problems in the animation field. She is an experienced animation director, animator, producer and lecturer in classical animation at the Art Academy of Latvia.

Līga Gaisa

Līga Gaisa, executive producer and script consultant for The Northern Star, has been with the studio from its establishment. Since 2009, she has worked in the film industry as a producer, documentary film director and, in recent years, as a scriptwriter.


A: “STUDIJA KOKLES”, Imantas 7.līnija 7-2, Rīga, LV-1083, Latvija


T: +371 29218766

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